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Black She-Oak Charm necklace by Renee Kuffer Jewellery

Black She-Oak Charm necklace by Renee Kuffer Jewellery

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My work is influenced by our natural environment.  Where possible I incorporate natural elements by casting directly off organic materials collected locally and from afar. The combination of organic cast pieces with modern touches results in a completely unique piece that cannot be re-created. Your pieces will be yours and only yours.

Sterling silver Black She-Oak charm on pink silk ribbon, adjustable length.


This Artist Offers:

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  • The artist will post your order to you at the completion of the art show


Having studied Environmental Science and worked as an Ecologist for many years, my passion for plants and animals has evolved to incorporate elements of our natural environment into my jewellery making.

The contrast between shiny and dull, the rough surfaces and unusual textures and the imperfect nature of my jewellery is brought to you by nature.