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Red & Blue Enamel necklace by Beady Wendy Beads

Red & Blue Enamel necklace by Beady Wendy Beads

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I make glass beads by melting glass rods in a flame which is known as Lampworking.  Each unique piece of jewellery incorporates my beads.  I also dabble in enamel and metal work.

A hand-formed copper tear drop shape was enamelled with red and has a cobalt blue design.  The back of the pendant is dark brown.  The pendant is 55 mm x 35 mm.  The necklace is a series of very small semi-precious red beads and 650 mm long.


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I’m a self-taught lampwork glass artist.  I’ve been creating glass beads and jewellery for over 20 years in Canada and Australia.  Many of my designs have won awards.  I continue to grow and evolve, and I’m always striving to learn more and create unique pieces.