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Pink Bird earrings by Caroline Hay Silver Jewellery

Pink Bird earrings by Caroline Hay Silver Jewellery

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  • Resin Pink Birds on sterling silver studs.

These pieces of jewellery are made in sterling silver, so they are beautiful to wear, made to last and hypoallergenic being suitable for sensitive skin. Rolled gold at 14ct is also used and various finishes such as oxidisation and gold leaf to bring lustre to bring out the care taken in soldering, hammering and shaping the handmade items.


 This Artist Offers:

  • FREE POSTAGE on all items
  • The artist will post your order to you at the completion of the art show


Living in gorgeous green Gippsland, inspired by the world around me and my son’s crazy curly hair there are a lot of circles in my work… I enjoy making easy to wear pieces that make thoughtful gifts or a treat for yourself.  Handmade jewellery to be worn and adored.