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Fire and Rain, Maori Legend

Fire and Rain, Maori Legend

Artist: Natasha Wicks

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Tells the story of Maui the half god when he tricked Mahuika the guardian of fire. "Mahuika threw the last of her fire into the trees, and they gave it shelter and saved it for the children of men. The men learnt to rub the wood of these trees together so that fire came from them".

Dimensions: 60.9 x 121.8cm
Materials: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Framing: Unframed

Artist: Natasha Wicks
Colours and patterns within the environment have always inspired my work, which I prefer to do using the handle end of a brush or matchsticks golf tees, etc. Mixed media adds dimension. All paintings have a story of somewhere I have vistited, the feeling of the land and you can touch them.
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