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Adjustable Sterling Silver Disc ring by Agmia Jewellery

Adjustable Sterling Silver Disc ring by Agmia Jewellery

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The jewellery range from Agmia includes a selection of necklaces featuring delicate pendants, as well as earrings, rings and bracelets all in the filigree style.

One of the brand’s main focuses is keeping the filigree legacy alive. Agmia's products are a celebration of beauty and craftsmanship. Bringing the best of two worlds together, Maria crafts each piece faithful to the ancient Colombian filigree technique combined with Australian inspired designs; resulting in pieces that are easy-to-wear, unique, intimate and personal - subtle enough for everyday wear. 

Adjustable Sterling Silver Disc Ring. 970 Sterling Silver. Handmade Filigree technique. Fits size between M, O, Q. Please check attached measurements chart.


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Agmia is a jewellery brand founded in 2013 by designer Maria Espinosa who works exclusively with the ancient technique of silver filigree, using it as the heart of all of her pieces.

After traveling around her hometown Colombia, Maria fell in love with the delicate and detailed approach of this art, a cultural tradition that she started learning from masters of this field to create contemporary designs beautifully crafted from the finest threads of sterling silver.