Michelle Bolitho

Michelle Bolitho Feature Photographer VIEW WORKS  Michelle Bolitho - Photographer Michelle Bolitho is a Peninsula based emerging photographic artist who has been looking through the lens of a camera for over 30 years. Her inspiration comes from the ocean, all things beachy, crazy flowers, peoples faces, emotions, movement, shadow & light, life in the snow and majestic trees. Layers of creative imagery and unbridled imagination are merged together by Michelle, who uses photography as her foundation and inspiration. Her art travels along the lines of innocence, self-consciousness to land finally in a graphically dreamy landscape where the fully-formed female and her empowerment lies. Colour, shadow, light and layers of imagery and imagination merge with the ever-evolving images of Bolitho’s many muses. ABOUT THIS COLLECTION My collection for the Mt Eliza Art and Design Show celebrates a cross section of my evolving creative processes and direction. I really wanted to showcase my passions and visual inspiration in the many ways I experience them. Often complex, curious and layered, others simple and thought provoking.As an emerging Photographic Artist, I am always learning & experimenting with my creative practices; adding layers of paint, collage, textures & resin. Growing in confidence to express myself more creatively & share my stories in new & bold directions.I am very passionate about bringing a ‘Female Gaze’ to my stories which are very feminine and empowering in their essence. I hope to reveal emotion, complexity, confidence,vulnerability and power through the many layers in the image.For some of my pieces, I specifically chose printing on wood to allow the grain and imperfections to show through into the image - giving another layer and texture. Flaws are visible, adding to the complexity and humanness of the females across the series. I had to let go of my own need for perfection with the final outcome and embrace beautiful mistakes along the way.