Feature Photographer - Kate Enno

After many years documenting her travels through North and South America and Europe, Kate acquired formal training at the Australian Academy of Design. Completing a Bachelors Degree in Design Arts majoring in Photography and Videography, she also received the Photography Prize in her early years of study. It’s here that her artistic practice, as it still stands today, was formed. Each piece is a study of artistic vision intertwined with the technical elements that underpin design principles.

Based in Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula, she works locally and beyond in her photographic practice across commercial, fine art and editorial projects. Within the architecture and interior design space, her work has been widely published in print with titles such as Australian House & Garden, Grand Designs Australia magazine and most recently, Home Beautiful showcasing her images.

Art and design, like the contrasting yet symbiotic relationship of yin and yang, are repetitive elements found across Kate’s body of work. Striving for balance always, the relationship between light and shadow, masculine and feminine forms, fluidity versus structure and the man-made set against the environment
is explored. In particular her desire to seek the juxtapositions found in nature compel her to capture the complexities often found. Kate is driven by the idea of wonder and inquisitiveness, to appreciate and record all moments, big or small.

Whether seeking to express the vastness of the natural world or elicit a sense of nostalgia, Kate does so with passion and attention to detail. Motivated to capture the moments that evoke a sense of wonder, new perspectives or even a sense of unreality- sharing her work brings a never-ending sense of joy and fulfilment. 

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