Feature Artist - Kirsten Robinson

Everything I know about art, I learned from being in nature.

Creating has always been entwined with who I am, growing up we travelled and moved a lot. Winning an art competition as a teenager, I was sent to Paris and London; and it was in Monet’s Garden in France where I truly understood the connection between one’s environment and surroundings of home to the creation and inspiration of art.

Years later, I found myself teaching art in London, then combining my love of art, craft and design and moved into the world of fashion. After studying and working in the fashion industry for a number of years, I returned to my core love of art teaching, sharing my love of creating to inspire others to reach their potential.

Since then, I have gone full circle reverting to my childhood days of exploration, magic and wonder and you will now find me wandering around my beautiful rural property on the Mornington Peninsula, with two young boys in tow, foraging for unique materials to inspire my next piece.

I have always been an artist who loves to explore new materials and techniques, and always love to explore the boundaries between art, craft, and design. In my works you will find consistency in my feminine colour palette, expressive techniques, and a desire to capture natural textures; however, this may come in the form of embroidery, still life, abstract or textile weavings or even digital drawings (or any other possibility).
My intention is to help others create with love, reignite their curiosity for the natural world, and to harness the raw, innocent childhood wonder that is often lost in adult life.

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