Copy of Terms and Conditions - Exhibitors


There have been two core changes to the Art Show in 2021, they are:

    1.  A two step Consideration & Acceptance Process to exhibit at the Art Show

      • Step 1:  Applying to Exhibit - paying the applicable fee & completing the Application Form.  The Art Show Committee will review your application and will let you know if you have been accepted into the Art Show
      • Step 2:  Final Submission for Accepted Exhibitors - paying the applicable fee and itemised list of artworks with accompanying photographs of each item.

        2.  The Art Show will be going online, with artworks being sold via this website

        • In the hopeful event that there are no/minimal COVID restrictions, the Art Show will occur IN-PERSON and ON-LINE over the usual WEEKEND
        • In the event that there are strict COVID restrictions/lockdowns in place, the Art Show will occur solely ON-LINE and will be open to the public for a WEEK.

        Please read the following information to ensure you are aware how the Art Show will be run and what your requirements are.

        If you have any questions, please get in contact with your Category Coordinator.



        Opening date for Applications to Exhibit:

        1st July 2021

        Closing date for Applications to Exhibit:

        29th August 2021

        "Notification Date"

        Artists Notified of Acceptance:

        By the 5th September 2021

        Closing date for Finalising Submission & Payment:

        19th September 2021




        (due to COVID restrictions)

        Delivery of Artworks and Items:

        Fine Art
        • Sunday 17th October 10am - 1pm
        • Monday 18th October 10am – 12pm
        • Monday 18th October 10am – 12pm
        • Posted items must arrive between Monday 11th October and Friday 15th October
        Design & Lifestyle
        • Sunday 17th October 2pm – 4pm
        • Monday 18th October 12.30pm – 2.30pm
        • Posted items must arrive between Monday 11th October and Friday 15th October

        Delivery of Artworks and Items:

        Drop off PRIOR to Art Show not necessary.

        Gala Opening Night:

        • Friday 22nd October 2021
        • VIP from 6.30-7.30
        • General Entry From 7.30

        Gala Opening Night:

        • Details to be confirmed
        Show open to the public and on-line:
        • Friday 22nd Oct 2021 - 7.30pm
        • Saturday 23rd Oct 2021 - 10am – 5pm
        • Sunday 24th Oct 2021 - 10am – 4pm

        Show open on-line:

        • Friday 22nd Oct 2021 Evening (Time TBC) until Thursday 28th Oct 2021 11.59pm


        Collection of Artworks and Items:

        • Sunday 24th October between 4 – 6pm
        • Monday 25th October between 9.30 -12pm
        Delivery of Artworks and Items:
        • Artist to deliver the SOLD items to the School
        • Personal/Courier Drop-off: DATES TBC
        • Postal Arrival:  DATES TBC



        All fees are non-refundable

        Application Fee

        All Categories:  $15 per Artist

        Submission Fee

        Fine Art:  $35 per Artist

        Jewellery:  $20 per Artist

        Lifestyle & Design:  $20 per Artist

        Commission Fees

        Items sold have the following Commission deducted from the sales price and retained by the School

        • $20 and under – 10% Commission
        • $21 and above – 25% Commission

        VIP Gala Tickets

        ONE complimentary ticket per exhibitor.

        Additional tickets available can be purchased separately 



          • Artists/Makers/Creatives (hereby referred to as the "Artist") located in Australia are welcome to be considered to exhibit at the Mount Eliza Art show (invitation may occur, but is not necessary)
          • To be considered, Artists must:
          • The Artist must indicate which Category they wish to exhibit in. If the Artist is uncertain of the best Category for their works, contact the relevant Category Coordinator/s for guidance.
          • The Artist may submit suitable works in more than one Category, and must pay the applicable fee for each Category.
          • Refer to the “Important Dates” table for Application Open and Closure dates which must be strictly adhered to.
          • The Art Show Committee reviews all submitted applications to determine suitability and compatibility for the Art Show.
          • The Art Show Committee will notify Artists (via email) if they have, or have not been, selected to exhibit in the Art Show. Notifications will be advised anytime from the date of the Artist’s submission, with the latest date being the Notification Date.
          • Artists who have not been offered to exhibit this year, are encouraged to apply in future years.
          • The Art Show Committee’s decision is final, and will not discuss the outcomes with any of the Artists.
            • Accepted Artists are required to pay the Submission Fee (link will be provided by Category Coordinator)
            • Once the Submission Fee has been received, the Category Coordinator will provide the Artists with an Excel Spreadsheet that the Artist must complete.  This spreadsheet is to provide artwork/item specifics that are being exhibited.
            • IMPORTANT!  Because the Art Show will be on-line this year, a JPG image of EVERY UNIQUE item MUST be provided.  For Fine Art, at least ONE image and up to FOUR images per artwork can be submitted, for Jewellery and Lifestyle & Design, only ONE image per item is to be submitted.  The Category Coordinator will advise more about this requirement prior to Submission
            • IMPORTANT!  For an in-person Art Show, EVERY item must be labelled (sticky label or attached with string).  The Category Coordinator will advise more about this requirement prior to Submission
            • Artworks that do NOT have an image or a label will NOT be exhibited. 


              • IMPORTANT!  In the preferred situation of an in-person Art Show occurring, the following steps will occur.  
              • It is the Artists responsibility to ensure their items are appropriately insured for the duration of drop-off-exhibition-return home.
              • Delivery is to “Mount Eliza North Primary School”, Moseley Drive, Mount Eliza, 3930
              • Delivery Dates and Times are listed in the “Important Dates” table.
              • Items are to be delivered in perfect saleable condition.
              • It is the Artists responsibility to ensure their items are suitably packaged for transit and drop-off. Please note that depending on storage space at the School, the Art Committee may not be able to retain the original packaging to be used again at the end of the Art Show.
              • Small items can be posted to the school and must include tracking, which is to be provided to the Category Coordinator (a pre-paid return method must be included if the Artist would like unsold items posted back to them after the Art Show).
              • Large items are to be delivered to the school in person or by a courier. If by courier, prior details must be provided to Category Coordinator for tracking.
              • All Artists must have already attached the Item Identification Labels (as discussed above) to each of their items.
              • All items will be cross checked and signed off as part of the delivery process.
              • If COVID restrictions are in place, the Art Show may precede as an on-line Art Show only and delivery of items prior to the Art Show will not be necessary.  The Category Coordinator will advise Artists how to proceed closer to this time.
            1. GALA NIGHT & ART SHOW
              • The Art Show Committee is responsible for hanging/displaying all Artworks in the exhibition space/website.
              • The Art Show Committee reserves the right to, or not to, display/upload exhibits in the exhibition space/website at their discretion.
              • The Art Show Committee will manage the exhibit and be responsible for finalising all sales transactions.
              • Each exhibitor receives one complimentary ticket to the Gala Night Show.
              • Extra gala tickets can be purchased when made available.
              • Artists are encouraged to come along to the art show weekend – entry is free for exhibiting artists.
              • In the event the Art Show can commence as an in-person art show:
                • Artworks will be on sale in-person at the School AND on-line within the Art Show's website. 
                • Artworks will only be for sale over the allocated weekend - from the start of the Gala Night (Friday Night) until the close of the Art Show (Sunday afternoon).
                • Buyers will only be able to collect purchased works (regardless if it was purchased in person or via the website) from the Primary School - postage will not be offered.
              • In the event the Art Show must occur only on-line due to COVID restrictions:
                • The Gala Night will not occur
                • Artworks will be on sale solely via the website.
                • Artworks will be available for purchase for a week - from Friday Night until the following Thursday Night.
                • Buyers will only be able to collect purchased works from the Primary School - postage will not be offered.
              • Once the Art Show has been fully finalised (1-3 weeks), the Financial Officer will deposit the sales earned, less the Art Show Commission rate, to the Artists nominated bank account.
                • At the end of the Art Show, the Committee will advise the Artist how many of their pieces sold.
                • Regardless how the buyer purchased their artworks, the buy must collect their purchases from the school - postage will not be offered.
                • In the event the Art Show occurred as an in-person art show:
                  • Artists must collect unsold items during the dates and times listed in the “Important Date” table.
                  • The Artist may wish to bring with them extra packaging material, as the school may not have been able to retain the original packaging.
                  • No responsibility will be taken by the Art Show Committee or Mount Eliza North Primary School for items not collected by the stated pickup times.
                  • Use of courier or postage are to be organised by the artist and agreed with the Category Coordinator. All costs relating to return postage is to be borne by the artist.  Mount Eliza North Primary and the Art Show Committee take no responsibility for the handling of the artwork in these instances.
                  • In the case of COVID restrictions, collection times may change to reduce numbers of people within the building. The Category Coordinators will update Artists with any changes.
                • In the event the Art Show occurred as solely an on-line art show:
                  • Artists are to deliver their sold items to the Primary School within the stated timeframe (see date table above).
                  • Items are to be packaged in a way to allow for easy collection by their buyer - eg, if the Artists sold 5 items to 5 different buyers, each purchase must be separately packaged and clearly listed so that the Art Show Committee can give the sold item to the correct purchaser at pick up.



              1. The Artist agrees to indemnify the Mount Eliza Art and Design Show and hold the organisers harmless in the event of the loss or damage whatsoever to the entered artworks from delivery of the artworks to the show, until collection by the Artist. The committee shall exercise all reasonable care in handling the artworks. The Artist shall be responsible for the insurance of works against loss or damage when in custody of the committee or in transit.
              2. The Art Show Committee are permitted to photograph exhibits for administration and for the purposes of publicity and marketing, unless otherwise stated by the artist in the form of a written objection which must be received during Step 1. Application Process. The Art Show Committee is not obliged to promote the Artist.
              3. The Art Show Committee encourages each Artist to promote their art in the art show via their own social media channels.