Whimsical by Nature

Kristine-OssWhimsical by Nature has always been a part of me personally, whether I really knew it or not.

Since I was a child I loved to create, to build, to explore my surroundings, the need to make, drew me away from the mainstream into TOP art and design.
Later, I studied under Milliner Peter Jago, and worked for bridal houses, Marianna Hardwick and Craig Braybrook. I loved the work but always felt the need to establish my own creativity.

In 2002, I moved to Mount Martha with my husband to make a home and raise a family. Weekends were spent swimming in the summer and beach combing in the winter. On one of these trips to Portsea, yielded  a bag of  cuttlefish.  At the time, I don`t know if I even considered the possibilities but the collection came home.

As I worked the cuttlefish with my hands, I appreciated the texture and form, how easy it seemed to work with and how fragile it is if not treated respectfully.

Back when I was a student, we used cuttlefish as a means to cast silver jewellery, carving out the shape to pour the molten metal into. I felt the need to return to this method but chose liquid resin to cast my first shapes. I found that resin, as a medium, was something I was really interested in pursuing, I made and found more moulds, then got to work.

I started with Christmas decorations, then moved into event decorations, these have been perfect for the bridal market, as well as christening and general gift giving. I have been selling these at local Peninsula markets for nearly 2 years, with great success.  I have a modest following on Instagram and Face book.
From this success, I have branched out into natural sculpture of driftwood and coral.

My resin obsession has now moved into homewares and sculptured pieces.
I now find each day brings the promise of new creation and wonder, it is my work, my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.