Simone Dole

After many years working in the film industry, Simone found  herself rediscovering her own creativity.  She firstly became a Yoga teacher then she completed a Diploma of Visual Art, majoring and achieving high distinctions in printmaking.  

She was awarded the Printmaking Encouragement Award by Chisholm and won the Heritage Hill Acquisitive prize in 2005.

Simone has exhibited locally and with her husband has recently opened a small gallery at their property in Somerville called “The Back Paddock Studio” where she held her recent solo exhibition.  Simone has gained influence from the likes of Margaret Preston to Bill Henson and been fortunate enough to have learnt from the likes of contemporary Printmaker, David Fraser.

Some of  the most recent works have emerged from living so close to the Tyabb Packing rooms. “Whenever I immerse myself in the collectables and antiques there I always find myself travelling on a nostalgic journey.”

This initially brings a feeling of comfort  but also leaves one questioning…  As cute and sentimental  as a lot of the items are, they come from a time of hard work . Despite the political suggestions that life was better then, would we really like to return to these times?

Simone still exhibits in most  of the Peninsula Art Shows as well as  in Melbourne  and recently won the Flinder’s Art Prize for Best Contemporary Work.

Simone continues on her journey of discovery .  There is always something to learn and as she plays in her studio there is a meditation like her yoga to discover the Yin and Yang of life.