Artomic Art

The Business:

Artomic is where science meets art – but to look at our pieces – you wouldn’t even know it. Each item is a delightful frenzy of colour and striking patterns – miniature abstract paintings made from images taken with a microscope. Eye cells, brain cells, parasites, fossils, DNA – that’s what you’re really seeing when you look at our range of jewels! The images we work with were donated to us by PhD and honours students across Melbourne. Each piece we sell comes with an information card describing the research behind the line/image, so the buyer gets a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery and they learn about scientific research taking place in Australia. It’s jewellery with a story! We are incredibly grateful for the fact that the images we work with are donated to us, so we pay it forward by giving back – 30% of our proceeds go to scientific research and other worthy causes. So far we have donated to mental health, breast cancer, and muscular dystrophy research, to name a few. We’ve been hanging around the CBD since we started Artomic, but we’re excited to bring all that we do to Frankston South and Mt Eliza. Our jewellery is dainty, minimalistic – but the colours are loud and proud. We keep things small, but eye-catching.

The Founders:

Profile PictureDr Nicki Cranna hails from New Zealand, but crossed the seas to work and study at Melbourne University – which is where she met Marina. They both missed out on tickets to The Killers concert and instantly bonded over tears and mountains of food. Nicki completed a PhD in the field of cancer genetics, is the art director of Lateral Magazine, just finished a round of English teaching in Colombia, and is currently on the adventure of a lifetime in Europe.

Marina Kalcina is a ‘slay’-at-home-mum of one cheeky little girl. She studied and worked in science for a lonnnnggg time before making a career change and completing a teaching diploma. She then promptly made a second career change and became a copywriter for an online deals company. These days she writes from home for Melbourne University, Mamamia, Lateral Magazine, and more.