Peninsula ART SPACE is a business established in 2015 by Artists Christine Sharp and Amanda Steadman to teach creative art classes and workshops to people in an organised studio environment. We are located in Somerville on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Having successfully worked together teaching art programs and workshops at Cheryl Petersen Galleries, they saw a real opportunity to create a ‘space’ that was dedicated solely to that of art, painting and the development of students and artists alike.

Christine and Amanda along with guest artists are running a series of professionally developed art programs to suit all levels of artists from the complete beginner to the advanced artist.

Students will learn a range of drawing and painting techniques from modern impressionism to contemporary and classical art, whilst learning about composition and discovering the many mediums available to Artists today. Our programs are run with care and integrity so that you will see a constant marked improvement in your ability to draw, paint and create.

Christine Sharp 

PAS Christine SharpChristine has always been involved in the Arts in some way, whether it be painting, textiles or costume design, stage productions and scenery.

Christine came to Victoria via Adelaide and Sydney and is now based on the Mornington Peninsula. She is concentrating on her love of painting and enjoying being surrounded by other artists and the opportunities this community brings. Her New Zealand background is an inspiration for her artwork, including mediums, colour and style, where the beautiful beaches, landscapes and people from her homeland influence her paintings. Her work is exhibited in both South Australia and Victoria and also in New Zealand.

Recently Christine has been experimenting with mixed media which is now influencing her abstract art. Her work is now mostly Acrylic with elements of pastel, ink and other interesting mediums. Her love of teaching is a passion she brings to Peninsula Art Space, where she is in her element guiding new students and experienced Artists in her art workshops and classes. Prior to Peninsula Art Space Christine has taught art classes for a number of years at Cheryl Petersen Galleries in Somerville.

Amanda Steadman 

PAS Amanda SteadmanAmanda is an Australian Artist born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Displaying natural creativity as a child her youth was spent painting and drawing whilst growing up on her family’s country property.

After finishing secondary school Amanda studied Art and Design before beginning a career in business. In 2012 Amanda left the corporate arena to pursue her life-long passion for Art. She is now painting full time and teaching art workshops and classes at Peninsula Art Space, a business she has established with fellow Artist and friend Christine Sharp.

Amanda is currently working predominantly in Acrylic, however her love of painting does not restrict her to a single medium or subject. She is an accomplished pastel artist and loves to experiment with different mediums, textures and mixed media. Amanda draws her inspiration from nature, people and spiritual and beautiful things. Her work is currently exhibited in Victoria at Cheryl Petersen Galleries in Somerville, Tusk Gallery South Yarra and Gallery Sorrento.

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