Feature Photographer 2016 – TASH CARAH 

Tash is a local photographer with a love of nature, landscapes and the ocean.  She is drawn in by the natural beauty of her environment, and aims to capture this in her images which are now being produced as large scale fine art prints.

Still using film when she can, Tash prefers to keep her photography as organic as possible.Her images are generally untouched, with little or no digital manipulation. They are nature as you see it.

Tash  has  been  exhibiting  around  the  Mornington  Peninsula  for  the  last  few  years  and recently won an award at the Derinya Art & Craft Exhibition for her image ‘Regeneration I’.

The Regeneration series was taken in the Yarra Ranges in Victoria and aims to capture the natural  beauty  of  the  area.    Despite  being  ravaged  by bushfires  in  2009,  the  region  is striking, and the new growth coming through in the mountains provides a dramatic contrast against the burnt out trees.

Tash’s  recent  work  includes  her  ocean  series,  taken  mainly  on  the  Peninsula,  and  her surfcoast series which is shot on medium format film with a Holga camera.  An online print store is due for release later this year.

Previous Exhibitions

Derinya Art & Craft Exhibition 2014, 2015 & 2016

  • Winner Best Mixed/Other 2016

Mt Eliza Art & Design Show 2014 & 2015

Oak Hill Gallery Photography Exhibition 2015

Somers Arts Fair 2015