2014 Feature Artist – Cheryl Peterson

Artist, gallery proprietor, art teacher, jewellery designer, gallery curator and resident artist of Cheryl Petersen Galleries. Cheryl has been painting ‘from the heart’ for the past couple of decades. Based in her magnificent Somerville gallery on the Mornington Peninsula, it would be a rare encounter to find her without brush in hand. Cheryl studied Graphic Design at Monash University, majoring in illustration. She has worked both as a freelance illustrator and a jewellery designer for various companies before opening her own gallery. As an illustrator she worked on several magazines and books such as; “Willis and the Echo” written by Craig Wellington and “Jack the Giant Killer” published by Pan McMillan. Cheryl’s inspiration stems from a purely intuitive source, “I paint according to my mood, just letting colours and theme develop and grow”. The paintings are characterized by vivid colour, layers of dynamic texture, uplifting themes, coupled with her unique mixed media technique demonstrating the artist’s versatility. Her artwork is highly sought after and is regularly commissioned, as she is able to apply a broad range of styled and subject matters.


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