2013 Feature Artist – Veronica Hollandart

Veronica lives and works in Christmas Hills, a bush haven on the edge 
of the Yarra Valley. Her large and colourful paintings can be dynamic or gently whimsical, but generally bring a smile to the observer. Describing her work as “art to live with”,  Veronica’s cheerful paintings are often based on things that are a source of personal amusement.  “I mainly paint people being people, [and] love painting voluptuous ‘Wonder Women’ who are happy in their own being and in control of their lives”.  Holland has also been working on a series inspired by music.  “I like the energy and passion in music, and the stories behind the performance. I try to make you see the music,” she explains.  “Many of the titles are a play on words… A glimpse into a parallel universe!”

‘Jammin’… MuVeronicasicians are in their own little worlds but connected through the music they create. ‘Jammin’ is created using acrylic on canvas, and measures approx 85cm x 85cm.