2013 Feature Artist – Kym Mullen

Born with an insatiable desire to make things, Brisbane-based designer and jewellery maker Kym Mullen works predominantly in sterling silver and gold, incorporating stones, which she cuts herself, and found items such as vintage buttons.

“I am interested in people and history and the sentimental value of jewellery that tells a story of a place once visited or a love lost or found,” she says. “I love taking something old and special and reinventing it as something new but still with respect to its history. I am also interested in the emotion that can be attached to jewellery… how a rummage through your old jewellery is like a walk back through time,” she explains.

Kym’s love of illustration is also evident in her use of pattern and texture, and whilst her preferred mediums have changed over the years, one source of inspiration remains constant – nature.

Her current body of work, titled ‘Regrowth’, developed as a result of the damage witnessed in the aftermath of the bushfires on Stradbroke Island. “After the initial devastation, there was a new kind of beauty in how the blackened tree trunks made a dramatic background for the vivid greens of new shoots as the regrowth began,” she explains.

Kym strives to produce her work as ethically and sustainably as possible, using recycled metals and papers, crafting all pieces by hand in her home studio.